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Early Stage Researcher (ESR13)

Kate Shiells

Kate Shiells

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Prof. Iva Holmerova

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Prof. Olga Stepankova

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I have over ten years of experience working with people with dementia, most recently for the Alzheimer’s Society,  and I am now looking forward to working as an Early Stage Researcher within the INDUCT team.

I graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Modern Languages (2011) and an MSc in Public Policy (2014). During this time, I also completed the Policy Traineeship Programme at the European Commission.

I am interested specifically in research which will lead to an improvement in the provision of care for people with dementia, as well as equity of provision across Europe.

Start date September 2016
Duration 36 months


The objective of this ESR will be to systematically collate and review the most widely used care applications and provide a detailed analysis of their value in practice by studying contrasting applications in nursing home settings in four EU countries. Across Europe there is a great variety in the different software applications used to help manage care for persons with dementia in long-term care settings such as nursing homes in terms of: quality, content, user-friendliness, data safety, needs assessment and usability for management of care.

Expected Results

To explore care software programmes in different dementia care settings. Analyse enabling factors and hurdles in their use. Find most important principles and indicators for development of optimal care software.

Planned secondment(s)

Two of 3 months. With VUB in the first year to study care management systems. With IDES in the second year to better understand how care organisations work in practice.



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