New published book on Dementia Prevention

Our Programme Manager Dr Deborah Oliveira has published a new book on Dementia Prevention in co-authorship with Professor Kate Irving, Professor Miia Kivipelto and Professor Eef Hogervorst. The book, entitled New Developments in Dementia Prevention Research, addresses a dearth of knowledge about dementia prevention and shows the importance of considering the broader social impact of certain risk factors, including the role we each play in our own cognitive health throughout the lifespan.

The book draws on primary and secondary research in order to investigate the relationship between modifiable factors, including vascular and psychosocial risks, that may affect the incidence of dementia. It brings together world-leading expertise from applied science, medicine, psychology, health promotion, epidemiology, health economics, social policy and primary care, the book compares and contrasts scientific and service developments across a range of settings.

For more information and to pre-order the book, please click here . You may also contact Dr Oliveira directly via [email protected]

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