Best Practice Guidance
Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia


Evaluating the effectiveness of specific contemporary technology

The rapid growth of the technological landscape and related new services have the potential to improve the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health and social services and facilitate social participation and engagement in activities. But which technology is effective and how is this evaluated best?
This section provides recommendations to evaluate the effectiveness of technology in daily life, meaningful activities and healthcare services as well as of technologies aimed to promote the Social Health of people with dementia. Examples of useful technologies in some of these areas are provided.

Social Health Domain 1: Fulfill ones potential and obligations

Consider recruiting people with dementia through social media platforms for the development and evaluation of technological interventions


People with dementia are active on social media platforms. For this reason, researchers recruiting participants for their studies on the development, testing or evaluation of psychosocial technological interventions should consider advertising the study details on different social media platforms.

Explanation and Examples:

Devices using information and communication technology (ICT) are increasingly being used by older people, including people with dementia. We conducted an online survey with 143 people with dementia to explore if and how they use social media. Results from the survey revealed that more than half of the participants actively use social media. More people with young-onset dementia were active on social media, though a large proportion of people with dementia who were 65 years and older were actively using social media too. In addition, a large proportion of the participants themselves were recruited through Twitter and Facebook. Our results suggest that people with dementia can be reached through social media, which is of relevance for researchers looking to recruit participants for the development, testing or evaluation of psychosocial technological interventions.

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