Best Practice Guidance
Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia


Implementation of technology in dementia care: facilitators & barriers

Successful implementation of technology in dementia care depends not merely on its effectiveness but also on other facilitating or impeding factors related to e.g. the personal living environment (privacy, autonomy and obtrusiveness); the outside world (stigma and human contact); design (personalisability, affordability and safety), and ethics on these subjects.  This section provides recommendations on the implementation of technology in everyday life, for meaningful activities, healthcare technology and technology promoting Social Health.
Social Health Domain 2: Manage ones own life and promote independence

Signpost people with dementia to social media as accessible, virtual platforms to share experiences and information


Social media have the potential to be an additional supportive medium for people with dementia. It is recommended to signpost individuals with dementia to social media platforms to leverage their potential.

Explanation and Examples:

We conducted an online survey with 143 people with dementia to explore how they used social media platforms and what kind of information they shared on their accounts. Our findings show that people with dementia use various different social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to raise awareness, give and receive support, and to share their experiences of living with dementia. As subsequent older generations will use technology more and, consequently, will become more tech-savvy, social media platforms will become more relevant for this population. As post-diagnostic support is often lacking, social media platforms can be used as medium that is widely available and easily accessible to offer people with dementia additional (peer) support. Examples of these platforms include online forums like Talking Point by the Alzheimer’s Society UK, Facebook groups run by charities or dementia organisations, or Twitter where many people with dementia are active. Signposting people with dementia to these social media platforms is therefore recommended.

Type of evidence

Gianna Kohl (DISTINCT ESR10)

Cross-sectional online survey with 143 people with dementia


Kohl, G., Koh, W.Q., Scior, K., & Charlesworth, G. (2023). Social media use among younger and older people with dementia: An internet-mediated mixed-methods study. Manuscript submitted to Computers in Human Behavior.