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Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia


Implementation of technology in dementia care: facilitators & barriers

Successful implementation of technology in dementia care depends not merely on its effectiveness but also on other facilitating or impeding factors related to e.g. the personal living environment (privacy, autonomy and obtrusiveness); the outside world (stigma and human contact); design (personalisability, affordability and safety), and ethics on these subjects.  This section provides recommendations on the implementation of technology in everyday life, for meaningful activities, healthcare technology and technology promoting Social Health.
Health care technologies

Increase family carers’ awareness about the use and benefits of online interventions


People involved in the provision of support to family carers, such as health professionals, patient organizations, should inform them about the potential benefits derived from the use of online interventions and actively promote their use.

Explanation and example

Despite the potential benefits of Internet carer support and training programmes, family carers are not always informed about the existence and use of online alternatives to traditional face-to-face support programmes. Extra attention should be paid to inform and motivate family carers to start and continue using Internet training programmes, especially in countries where the use of the Internet for health related purposes is not common yet. India trial (Mehta et al. 2018) Rrecruitment and adherence for a randomized controlled trial of an online support programme in India (Mehta et al. 2018) turned out to be challenging as most of the family carers were not accustomed to access to the Internet for health-related reasons.

Type of evidence

Ángel C. Pinto Bruno (INDUCT ESR14)

RCT India
Systematic review


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Mehta, K. M., Gallagher-Thompson, D., Varghese, M., Loganathan, S., Baruah, U., Seeher, K., . . . Pot, A. M. (2018). iSupport, an online training and support program for caregivers of people with dementia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial in India. Trials, 19(1), 271.

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