INDUCT stands for Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology.

Funded through H2020 Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions - Innovative Training Networks, 2015 (grant agreement number 676265), INDUCT is aimed at developing a multi-disciplinary, inter-sectorial educational research framework for Europe to improve technology and care for people with dementia, and to provide the evidence to show how technology can improve the lives of people with dementia.

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2 days ago
An article of relevance for our @DTdementia @PSU_CGNE @PrefBasedLiving @INDUCT_MSC dementia researchers who are involved in implementation research https://t.co/oraoTjXsvc
5 days ago
Delighted to receive the stipendium from @KognitivM! I plan to use the funds to share my #technology use and people with #dementia thesis findings with creative support from @jillyjarman. I'm thinking music, stories, images.... And I'm open to suggestions. @INDUCT_MSC @3NDWG
1 month ago
📜Our paper made it on the list of TOP PUBLICATIONS @MaastrichtU Depart. of Psychiatry & Neuropsychology! @VugtDe @ACLimburg @PLOSONE Read more about within-day cognitive performance here:
📲🧠 #ehealth #cognition https://t.co/jlYLw7srKa
1 month ago
Hats off for giving it a go team @karolinskainst! And congrats for already making the fundraising target for #dementia #research @SaraLBartels @sarah_wallcook @RydRydh @BetterResearch and all the teams. Let's hope that target gets smashed! https://t.co/2NCVAtJU2D https://t.co/GQLDzO7VQC
1 month ago
Fun quiz live tonight at 19.30 GMT. Visit https://t.co/2NCVAtJU2D to find the live stream link on YouTube and to donate to #dementia #research @AlzResearchUK @BetterResearch https://t.co/mq9coF6kNK
Sara Laureen Bartels @SaraLBartels
We are ready for @BetterResearch @AlzResearchUK - the one and only #NoelItAll challenge!🧠 @sarah_wallcook @RydRydh we know-ho-ho it (or not, but then we at least have a fun picture of ourselves wearing funny Xmas hats!) 😅😜 https://t.co/K8msEMaVJ5

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions – Innovative Training Network (under grant agreement no. 676265)

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